Digital infrastructure that makes it possible to work on small batches, to analyse the data collected to build predictive models and analytical tools, to introduce reinforcement learning techniques for the automatic correction of production parameters

Project lead



Telco S.r.l., Milan Polytechnic - POLIMI


The project involves industrial automation and uses digitisation to make strides in data collection and especially in their analysis. This is the frontier of Industry 4.0: today only 1% of the collected data are used, while their use via "machine learning" could greatly increase production efficiency. Total efficiency, process integration, digitalisation, big data, data analytics: these are the keys to building the smart factory 4.0.

The challenge is to increase the levels of production, organisational, managerial and energy efficiency by achieving higher levels of productivity both at the process level and product quality level.

Applied to the production of tyres, the project plans to build smart manufacturing digital infrastructure in order to truly unify and integrate the various phases of the production process. The new system will make it possible to dynamically manage all unified processes employing machine learning logic.

To do so new integrated machine prototypes with sensors that can support the new system will be developed. This will therefore affect all stages of production in order to achieve a higher productivity, greater flexibility, greater speed, greater energy efficiency, a reduction in product variability and a consequent increase in the quality of the finished product.



Regional Impact

On an international level, manufacturing competition is based on the ability to produce with high levels of productivity, quality and efficiency, to increase the competitiveness of businesses.

This is strategic for the Lombard production system, the first in the country, even in terms of environmental repercussions.

Project partners will provide complementary expertise including the industrial, academic and design areas in the service of business. The results of the innovative project will help to maintain a competitive level of companies in the region, generating new knowledge that will have a positive impact on the strengthening of human capital.

S3 Impact

The project can give a strong push to the evolution of issues related to the area of advanced manufacturing expertise in terms of production with innovative processes, evolutionary and adaptive production systems, high-efficiency production systems, production of customised products and environmental sustainability systems.

Specialisation Area

Advanced Manufacturing

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