• Open Challenge: the Gefran innovation challenge goes live

As of October 1st, graduates and undergraduates will be able to upload their ideas to this platform

The challenge launched by Gefran Spa in the Open Challenge section of this platform has gone live. The Italian multinational, a leader in the design and production of systems and components for the automation and control of industrial processes, launched the challenge dedicated to graduates and undergraduates in June, during the General States of Research and Innovation event.

There are two industry 4.0 topics for the innovative projects

The project, which is called Innoway, is a true innovation experience for which the company provides a budget, resources and know-how, so that a brilliant idea can be transformed into a concrete project, all with the aim of further strengthening the bond with universities by developing an entirely new way of interacting with students.
The Gefran challenge, titled “Smart processes for a smarter factory”, consists of two themes upon which projects must focus, both linked to Industry 4.0 topics: Energy saving and Predictive maintenance.

Let the Uploading begin

The challenge is divided into two phases: Uploading and Elevation. The Uploading phase starts on Tuesday 1 October: after an initial registration period, current undergraduate and graduate students, in groups of 2 to 4, will be able to upload their ideas to the portal, choosing one of the two proposed topics.
During this phase, those who haven’t yet registered will still be able to do so by visiting the following link: https://www.openinnovation.regione.lombardia.it/it/landing/default/gefran.
The most brilliant ideas will move on to the subsequent Elevation phase, where Gefran will initiate an onlinetutoring service, managed through the Open Innovation platform, with the aim of refining the ideas presented, and bringing them closer to concrete production and application requirements.
At the end of the Elevation phase, the best teams will be admitted to the Innoway project, where they will undergo an innovation experience directly within the company: they will be granted budgets to develop their projects, free access to the company’s workshops, and, above all, the opportunity to work side by side with Gefran’s R&D team.
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