Technology platform for the development of innovative sensors in the medical field

Project lead



Istituto per lo studio delle Macromolecole (ISMAC) - CNR


The purpose of the project is to develop and implement process innovation in the production of probes for detecting the pressure in different body areas.

In particular, the project proposes the construction of three probes that will offer significant advances both in terms of benefits to the patient and of greater efficiency and reduction of spending in the healthcare system.

The project aims to achieve innovative changes in production processes able to improve the quality of existing biomedical probes, then validated and tested in a Lombard hospital.



Regional Impact

Lombardy is the Italian leader in the medical device industry (800 companies, 30,000 employees, 49% of the national turnover). The project aims to make use of internal expertise in advanced materials, with biomedical industrial know-how and technical and scientific experience with photonics.

Sidam also intends to strengthen its business through a commercial agreement with a multinational in the health sector.

S3 Impact

The project aims to initiate a concrete process of intelligent specialisation of the Lombard innovation system with respect to many areas (healthcare and advanced manufacturing) and specific technological issues (well-being - active ageing - disability and production with innovative processes) that thanks to the development and implementation of innovations developed translates into an improvement in the quality of life of patients and in increased competitiveness of the Lombard biomedical chain.

Specialisation Area

Advanced Manufacturing

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