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Piattaforma basata sull'intelligenza artificiale che aiuta i vettori logistici a ottimizzare la gestione degli pneumatici

Una startup della Germania settentrionale propone uno strumento basato sull'intelligenza artificiale per ridurre in modo significativo i costi operativi delle aziende di trasporto attraverso una gestione ottimizzata degli pneumatici e per dare insieme un contributo significativo alla protezione del clima attraverso la riduzione delle emissioni di CO2.
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Rising fuel costs and the necessity to invest in CO2-reduction measures are among the biggest challenges that the logistics sector is currently facing. A startup from the North of Germany helps logistics carriers to resolve the dilemma between CO2 emission reduction targets and low-profit margins by delivering an AI tool that optimizes their tire management and from a neutral point of view determines the best tire-vehicle match. Both fuel costs and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 10%. Further services include suggestions to increase the tire life cycle incl. retread, CO2 emission reduction certificates, working capital friendly tire management contracts and other innovative digital tools to make tire management more efficient. Based on many years of experience in the commercial vehicle tires industry as well as in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data analytics the team developed a platform to automate fleet operations tasks, make tire management easy and find the right tire management provider, including pay-per-km terms. On the platform the telematics data of commercial vehicles are the base for the algorithms that determine the individual mission profiles of the vehicles and the best vehicle tire match. With the help of AI, fleets are able to optimize their tire management and thus save money as well as CO2 emissions by up to 10% without any further investment. Transfer of data can be either done digitally by allowing data integration with the help of REST APIs, or manually by upload of a CSV file. Highest standards for data protection and security are implemented, servers are in Germany. As algorithms and other features are fully operating on facts, fleet managers can make the best decisions for their business independently based on neutral tire recommendations – the platform connects the dots so that the best match between the individual needs of a fleet, tire products and services is being made. On the long-term, the dashboard features give regular operational suggestions on what to avoid or where to take precautionary actions to finally achieve the expected savings. Certificates from a neutral organization for achieved CO2 emission savings as well as for the neutrality of the platform will be available soon. Logistics companies can register for free on the platform to create a digital twin of their fleet. This enables them to get an overview of their fleet and to get first indications about their potential savings. Based on a monthly or annual fee per vehicle, companies can make full use of all features, combined with customized support on data transfer and use of the platform.

Vantaggi / Aspetti innovativi

- Helps transport businesses to find the best match between the individual needs of a fleet, tire products, and service. - Reduces fuel costs and emissions by up to 10%. - Full digital transparency of tire management.

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Looking for transport companies / logistics carriers looking for a solution to optimize their tire management based on digital innovation and to increase sustainability with reduction of CO2 emissions.

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