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International Award 'Lombardia è Ricerca', nominations extended to 31/7

Researchers with an H-index ≥ 10 may submit a breakthrough on the subject of Computer Science

Redazione Open Innovation

Redazione Open Innovation

Regione Lombardia

There is still time to nominate the most promising breakthroughs for the 'Lombardia è Ricerca' International Award, the 1 million Euro prize sponsored by the Lombardy Region to promote research, scientific discoveries and inventions in the field of Life Science with a significant scientific, economic and social impact on the citizens' quality of life.

Chaired by Professor Arianna Menciassi, the Jury has agreed to extend until Sunday 31 July the deadline for the submission of nominations by entitled researchers and scientists.

The Award: theme and regulation

The theme of the Award’s 2022 edition is “Computer Science for safety, wellness, and sustainable growth”.

The specific topics upon which the breakthroughs may focus are the following: Smart systems to support decision-making in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors; Artificial Intelligence and Computational Models for Neuroscience; Methods of intelligent analysis of biomedical data (genomics and proteomics) to support personalised medicine applications in the field of rare diseases; “Cyber security” models and systems designed to protect sensitive information for the health and lives of citizens; Humanoid and assistive robotics to support vulnerable individuals; Innovative systems and technologies for improving quality of life.

How to submit a nomination

All researchers and scientists with an H-index equal to or greater than 10 can submit only one breakthrough (nomination) - on one of the topics selected for the 2022 edition - that they consider worthy of the Award and the name of its author or authors, up to a maximum of three.

Self-nominations are not permitted.

To submit a nomination by 31 July go to the 2022 Award page: CLICK HERE.

On the same web page, it is possible to find the profiles of the International Jury of the Award. The Jury is composed of 15 top scientists from Italian and international universities and research centres, who are highly qualified in the subjects of the Award and selected through the Scopus database, according to the h-index.

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