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LE2C represents the Lombard production system for energy and the environment with particular reference to the following technological areas:
  • power generation - conventional and nuclear energy;
  • renewable energies;
  • smart grid - intelligent energy transmission and distribution;
  • energy efficiency;
  • water management and water purification;
  • sustainable construction (civil and industrial).


  • make the production system for energy and the production of clean technologies stronger and more competitive, working for its continuous development and its attractiveness;
  • support associated companies, in particular SMEs, ensuring their continued growth, skills development, long-lasting competitiveness;
  • transform the concept of supply chains into value chains by identifying and providing integrated and competitive solutions for the production, distribution and rational use of energy;
  • develop and integrate the chain through specific lines of action: matching of partners, internationalisation, innovation and technology transfer, access to regional and European funds.