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    Cluster of Technologies for Smart Cities & Communities Foundation - Lombardy 


Via Lecco 61, Vimercate (MB) 

The Cluster of Technologies for Smart Cities & Communities - Lombardy was established in 2013 with the aim of bringing together businesses, research centres, universities and other interested entities that have the skills and resources to promote innovative ecosystems, technologies and experimental applications, with the ultimate goal of supporting an effective urban development strategy.



  • promote and facilitate research in support of innovation in order to design, develop and implement the most advanced technological solutions for the integrated management of urban and metropolitan systems (with particular reference but not exclusive to: renewable energies and energy efficiency, safety and monitoring of the region, mobility, health, well-being, e-government, education and training, cultural heritage and tourism);
  • to act as a tool for coordinating and accelerating the competitiveness of companies and institutions, lobbying institutional actors on multiple levels and monitoring the strategic areas of smart communities;
  • expand the network among industry players and key research actors by fostering the exchange of skills and meetings on key issues of smart communities, seizing the opportunity to orient strategic and development issues.