• Regional Forum on Research and Innovation

One of the major innovations introduced by Regional Law 29/2016 "Lombardy Is Research" is the establishment of the Forum for Research and Innovation with advisory, propositional and informative functions.

The Forum will consist of 10 highly qualified experts in the field of scientific, social and human sciences, selected through an international public procedure. The forum will serve for three years. It will meet at least four times per year, even virtually.

The Forum will play an important dual role: on the one hand, it will act as an antenna with respect to changes in society, identifying new challenges for growth and anticipating the emerging needs of society to develop timely responses, and on the other hand will transfer the research results to the community, spreading its impact and making citizens aware of some new, general-interest topics that require broad sharing.

For the composition of the Forum, an international call was held from 1 to 30 September 2017. Candidates must absolutely have proven professional experience in the overall field of the relationship between technology/science and society, including: RRI, Responsible Research and Innovation; STS, Science and Technologies Studies; Public Communication of Science; Participative and Deliberative Methods; Public Engagement; Social Innovation; Social impact and Social Impact Assessment; Sociology of Risk; Sociology of Science; Technology Assessment and Governance; Open Innovation; Open Science; Open Data; Data Ethics; Bioethics. (You can consult the complete notice by downloading the attached document).

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